Do you need a word from the Lord?

Personal Prophecy is not fortune telling or a psychic reading. It is a direct word from the Lord about your life. The Prophecy can talk about your gifts and calling, a situation you are going through, give direction or confirmation on where you need to be or whatever else the Lord would want to say to you.

The Lord determines what He says to you, not me. I am only the vessel. If you need a word from the Lord, We will seek Him on your behalf. We ask that you prayerfully include a donation of "any amount." Your donations support the cost of this ministry and they are appreciated very much. Your Personal Prophecy will come to the email address you give with your request unless you state otherwise.

God's Word is sharper than any double edged sword, separating the soul and spirit. One Word from the Lord can change your life.

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May the Lord Bless You this day.